haridwar trekking


Haridwar Trek-Uttarakhand

haridwar trekking

One among the seven holiest places (sapta puri) and a venue for 12 yearly kumbh mela haridwar is regarded as the most venerated town in India.The name itself translates to “ Gateway to the Lord”.It is Haridwar where the ganges leaves the mountain and enter into the flat lands.Places of religious importance includes:

  • HAR KI PAURI: This landmark ghat is considered as the exact place where the drops of amrit fell after the samudra manthan and the final destination for shiva devotees in the month of saavan.Throughout the year the ghat is crowded with devotees for a dip into the holy river ganges and the evening aarti is the most sought after event to witness.
  • KANKHAL: This locality houses the dakhsheswara mahadev temple dedicated to lord shiva and sati kund dedicated to goddess sati.Apart from this there are various ashrams most famous of which are ramakrishna mission ashram and anandamoyi ma ashram.
  • MANSA DEVI TEMPLE: Dedicated to goddess mansa and is popular for fulfilling the wishes of her devotees.The temple can also be accessed through the ropeway which also connects it to the other famous temple.
  • CHANDI DEVI TEMPLE: Dedicated to goddess chandi the temple is situated at the top of neel parvat hence it is called as neel parvat teerth.The temple is connected to mansa devi temple through a ropeway.

The town is well connected by air, road and rail routes.it is 210 kms from Delhi, 30 kms from Rishikesh, 50 kms from Dehradun and 300 kms to Badrinath.