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A delightful experience as one gets to see a wide spectrum of landscape camping at "Civet Creek Camp". The winding roads, acres and acres of coffee and cardamom plantations, misty hills, stretches of paddy fields, small river streams calm and serene. The chirping of innumerable birds which are easier heard than seen, fill the air and set the rhythm. It is almost as if you can almost choose the vignettes that you want to capture and then embark on your journey from where the camp is located.

Night beckons you along guided jungle trails. As the bonfire blazes you can lie on your back and use the in-house telescope to embark on a cosmic trip to map the skies. Satiate your hunger by gorging on some delectable and mouth watering Coorg food served at the camp. There you are, on your very own tropical getaway surrounded by verdant hills and forests. Some things are best left unsaid, for discovering them yourself adds to eternal pleasure.

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The Package includes Breakfast, lunch, evening tea, dinner, camp activities, guide to the waterfall and bonfire with evening snacks. Please enter your dates above to see all available rooms and best deals.

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At Abhi Venture, we have an extensive selection of locale. What we provide is the essence of handpicked selection of the best tour friendly and exoctic locations in India

Our camp focuses on providing an eco friendly outdoor living experience clubbed with relaxation & adventure. It is an opportunity in a remote place to experience nature to the fullest.